Saturday, September 19, 2009

Give It A Try!!

So it has been a crazy summer! We really put the miles on the Xterra! And we loved it! It has been a long time since I last posted. So long that we have already moved!

Congratulations go to Alex and Bethany! And Luke and Alisha! Great life changing events for each little family! Luke and Alisha moved closer and Alex and Bethany moved farther away!

As for us we are still pluggin away at school and so happy to be here!

Papa and Grandma Nelsen came for a visit. We loved getting to spend time with them! And Justin has a new found love of fishing! Little Brent also has a love for fishing now too.

Brent is now home-schooled. We don't know how long, but definitely not until we are in range of a good school. He is even reading 2, 3 and 4 letter words.

AJ just learned how to ride his bike and that is his new obsession. Today we went at least 4 miles, I thought he would never stop! He is starting preschool at the college next week.

Joshua is walking, and even running a little. He gabs a bit enough to let you know who it is he wants and the direction of what he needs. He is also an endlessly determined climber!

Fall has already begun in Rexburg! But Rexburg does have amazingly wonderful Fall weather!

Oh and Misty and Ben have blessed us with a new niece named Katie McDavitt!!!! We can't wait to meet her! So jeaolous of those who are there!

Oh and we enjoyed an awesome visit from Malissa! Come back soon, we love ya!

As for here and now it is all school for all of us and a little college football too. ;)

And of course I am trying to create a website at I hope it works out. I plan to build on it a little at a time including a blog backgrounds portion and some adsense or affiliated marketing. I am still learning a little at a time and I am trying to build a graphics design team for the backgrounds.

I here if it works I could make some money, but I won't hold my breath. For now I am learning.

I call this post "give it a try" because that is what I do! With some help, talents, and prayers it may work out! And that includes Brent's schooling!

Well love you all and hope to write more as soon as I can!
Brent has all 13 articles of faith memorized! He got to go bowling with Dad!