Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just thought I would add a few more pictures. Summer is winding down out here ( so sad ). Our little Humming Bird came back. I took some pictures of our balcony, my favorite spot in the apartment! And we took the kids up to Island Park again for a day while Dad went tubing with a friend. We gave them time to wade in the river and throw rocks. Then I let them play at a park and watch videos at the cabin until the guys got back. We will really miss Morgan and Bethany (no not just because of the cabin ) they were great neighbors and really good friends. 

I also added some pictures of the boys learning how to clean up their house graffiti. We've been working on motivational ways to get them to help out especially with their own messes. It's allot of hard work even though it looks like their the ones working! (smile) LOL. 

So far our schedule is working out; breakfast, scripture study, a little educational tv, chores, and daily activities.  We've tried to be outside as much as possible.... I like to take advantage of the short summer while it lasts.  Today is a kids carnival put on by the school so maybe we'll go and then post some pictures later. 

Allot is coming up baby, Justin starts school again, and more so fun fun fun! 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

SO It's been 5 YEARS ALREADY!!!!! Justin and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. We wanted to take a trip, but with baby Joshua coming soon we thought we'd hold off a while. Justin did have some suprises for me which was awesome!! And we went out to eat dinner. 

So far this has been a great summer! We've actually been riding our bikes allot. One man in town stopped and looked at me and said we were just too ambitious! We just laughed and kept going. 

We went to Jefferson County Lake or Rigby Lake as we call it, just down the road a few times and that was fun. The boys love the beach. AJ ate sand (uh yeah grose!) and he liked throwing sand in my hair. Brent stayed out in the water allot of the time just hanging out with Dad. 

I'm sorry I'm not writing much, but I am sooo tired! I don't really get much sleep these days so I think it just makes me more and more tired. Honestly I think I could even get more sleep with baby Joshua here than I do now.  Well, write more later....... ;) smile