Sunday, June 29, 2008

Island Park, Bethany and Morgan's Family Cabin! ;)

We would like to thank our awesome friends and neighbors Morgan and Bethany for letting us stay the night Friday in their Family's Cabin in Island Park. We had sooooo much fun!! 

Island Park, Bethany and Morgan's Family Cabin Pics! ;)

A Few Promised Pics ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OK so I was supposed to put airshow pictures on here but...... I tok the card out already without downloading oops! So this is a picture of Brent eating at a Relief Society Social last month. He just looks so darn cute! If you want to see the otehr photos then you'll have to check out facebook (which Misty is supposed to get on soon right! ;) ) Smiles!

So far we have spent the summer as follows: Justin is in school most of the day some days until 6pm and he works before school at 5am. Mom (thats me) and the boys wake up and eat breakfast, have scripture study (Brent is on Article of Faith #4), straighten up the apartment, and then we are off to the park. It is a mile and a quarter or something to bike ride over to Porter Park where we grab free lunches for the kids and choose the dry playground or the water park (it's up to Joshua and Mom usually). After exhausting Mom we then pack up and ride back the mile and quarter home against the wind. Usually AJ is asleep and Brent is really tired so we chill for an hour or so until Dad get's home. Then we run to appointments of various types in the afternoon. Dinner is usually at 5pm unless Justin get's in at 6pm then it's 6pm. 

I do like to take Thursdays off for venturing to the park. I'm usually beat by then and the apartment could use some extra attention. 

I can't believe next week is Fourth of July!!! We decided not to put Brent in the parade this year so he could actually watch and get candy this time. We did have him walking or riding with the Madison Gymnastics float. I'm so excited to have a break from the normal hum of everyday life....its so fun, but it gets monotonous.  Lately I've been getting in the rut about feeling like for me at least it's all work and no play.... I could really and I mean really use a break, but I don't think it's coming this year.