Saturday, September 19, 2009

Give It A Try!!

So it has been a crazy summer! We really put the miles on the Xterra! And we loved it! It has been a long time since I last posted. So long that we have already moved!

Congratulations go to Alex and Bethany! And Luke and Alisha! Great life changing events for each little family! Luke and Alisha moved closer and Alex and Bethany moved farther away!

As for us we are still pluggin away at school and so happy to be here!

Papa and Grandma Nelsen came for a visit. We loved getting to spend time with them! And Justin has a new found love of fishing! Little Brent also has a love for fishing now too.

Brent is now home-schooled. We don't know how long, but definitely not until we are in range of a good school. He is even reading 2, 3 and 4 letter words.

AJ just learned how to ride his bike and that is his new obsession. Today we went at least 4 miles, I thought he would never stop! He is starting preschool at the college next week.

Joshua is walking, and even running a little. He gabs a bit enough to let you know who it is he wants and the direction of what he needs. He is also an endlessly determined climber!

Fall has already begun in Rexburg! But Rexburg does have amazingly wonderful Fall weather!

Oh and Misty and Ben have blessed us with a new niece named Katie McDavitt!!!! We can't wait to meet her! So jeaolous of those who are there!

Oh and we enjoyed an awesome visit from Malissa! Come back soon, we love ya!

As for here and now it is all school for all of us and a little college football too. ;)

And of course I am trying to create a website at I hope it works out. I plan to build on it a little at a time including a blog backgrounds portion and some adsense or affiliated marketing. I am still learning a little at a time and I am trying to build a graphics design team for the backgrounds.

I here if it works I could make some money, but I won't hold my breath. For now I am learning.

I call this post "give it a try" because that is what I do! With some help, talents, and prayers it may work out! And that includes Brent's schooling!

Well love you all and hope to write more as soon as I can!
Brent has all 13 articles of faith memorized! He got to go bowling with Dad!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to the Country!

Yes! We finally have a yard! But no fenCe so now I have stray animals and stray kids! But being grounded seems to help a little for Brent, and AJ well so far we just have to keep an eye on him. 

We love it out here already. The house we are renting is for sale so we have had one showing already and we got accidently locked out by the agent when we returned to the house. No big deal just inconvenient. LOL.

At least we have no one banging on my floor just because my boys are active. ;) 

We are in the midst of our 1 week break between semesters. Something is better than nothing- right! ;)

We are also very excited about the upcoming events: Fred's graduation, Luke's graduation, and Alex and Bethany's wedding!!! Yay! I love to travel! Well, it is a little more challenging with the boys... but I still like it!

It snowed again today! Can you believe this weather.... I can,  but I don't want to! 

Well, hopefully it will get nice soon. 

Hope everyone enjoys the photos. I don't have Easter ones up yet, but I'll work on it. The boys loved hunting eggs in their own yard. It took AJ a little instruction, but he got the hang of it. In fact, he hung around Brent while Brent opened his eggs, but refused to open his own. 

At the store we went to their egg hunt and Brent got so many that when we asked him to give to the little kids who didn't get any like AJ (who stood at the end of the isle and cried because he had tried to sneek past the grocery girl so many times and had to be told 'no' that he must not have realized it was finally ok to go). Well, it was nice of Brent and I was glad he did it! I'm sure it was hard for the other Mom's since Brent looks 6. They asked me if he was really 4yrs old and I said yes, but it wasn't until they asked that I realized how much bigger he was and he is going to be 5yrs old next month LOL. 

Brent braved his kindergarden shots. And the doctor said he is just above the 99% for hight for his age. AJ and Joshua are still just above average on size. Joshua is 20lbs! Still no teeth. He can crawl and pull himself up on things. Brent can count to 100. And AJ is trying to put sentences together, I love it when he tries to sing 'itsy bitsy spider'. 

And I should say we love having Mom and Maria with us! They help with the boys and the house work, and they are just plain fun to hang out with!

Well I'd better skat. Love you all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cookie Love'n Pictures

I added some pics to facebook also, but here is one of the cookie pics. Joshua really wanted that cookie it was so cute!
Brent is always happy for a photo op! He's growing up fast! He has his first Primary talk this next week. Fun Stuff! He is 4yrs 9mos.
AJ has so many faces! Usually dirty because he's always into things! He loves to  'make' things in the kitchen....a dirt soup and mud pie kinda guy! He's 2yrs 7mos.
Who would have thought this little guy, Joshua, would get big so fast! He's an eater and is always grabbing for foods you are holding! It just happens to be a cookie this time. I don't blame him these cookies were good!
The Temple always looks so nice. This day it just seemed to glow off the snow so I snapped a pretty bad pic, but you get the idea right. lol. I've been doing indexing every morning- you should too it's fast it's easy it helps geneology work AND I think I type faster..... maybe. lol Anyway you get the idea. More Fun Stuff!

Justin started out the year with Shingles, a reoccurrance of the chicken pox. Your body never really gets rid of the chicken pox virus it just fights it into being dormant in your system and if your immune system is down for some reason it can come back to get you with a vengeance...yeah poor Justin it was bad his whole side of his face was so swolen up!!

And it happened right when our insurance was like "see ya later!". They said we were no longer covered. We've been working on getting the mistake fixed but they say it won't start up again until maybe mid Feb. 

Needless to say we're taking our time if possible on any medical stuff. My Surgery to remove the filter to my heart won't happen until late Feb or Mar because of it, but I'm in no hurries. LOL. They did run some blood tests.... about ten or more viles worth so those results will be in two weeks. I have to wait for those too before the surgery. I've been really weak on and off so hopefully those will help us understand more about what is going on. 

Justin is back to school and doing great! This semester he is coming home more excited about what he is learning so that is fun! Our taxes are done..... I guess thats good well except for state taxes we owe them so we haven't filled it out yet.

Brent is in Preschool and will start Kindergarten in the Fall. We hope to get some more gymnastics in after this semester because he is increasingly interested in doing gymnastics in the apartment and we think he needs a place to do them outside of here. LOL. He is good though. We won't start AJ until Fall. Joshua is turning over and trying to sit up but no luck yet. 

We are looking for a new place since the rates are going up for the 3rd or 4th time at our apartment complex. We found something hopeful but I won't talk about it unless it works out. I guess thats it so far for us. Love you all!!!