Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Photos!
The Boy's Pumpkins! (from left to right: Brent's, Joshua's, and Andrew's pumpkin)
The Bishop and His wife (the Fillmore's) with the boys at the Ward Party. ;)
And Below is the Knight and the Princess. ( Brent and Belle)

Here are a few photos I thought everyone might like. Alex took some family photos for us...Thanks Alex!! And we went to a ward halloween party. Oh and Brent's pumpkin is the mean looking one (he asked me to draw a mean face), AJ's pumpkin is the biggest because Brent didn't want one that had dirt on it, and Joshua's is the smallest. The boys (except Joshua) decorated their pumpkins. Aunt Maria helped too! I'll add more pics to facebook for halloween stuff later. One of these days I wouldn't mind making costumes until then the over priced wal-mart pull-ons will have to do.  Oh and I changed back to a brunette.... and I love it!

It's been busy and crazy around here. I've been in the hospital and back out. Karen or Grandma Nelsen came and visited and ended up showing up in time to be a huge help!! And I've been visiting the hospital in and out since then for tests of various kinds. Alex moved in with us (we are so happy to have him).  Our good friends Spencer and Jenessa Gierke had their first baby, a little girl named Zoe. She is adorable!!! Justin's Uncle Ken also has been in the hospital. I could have fainted when he told us all about it! Ken and Susan came over to bring some gifts for Joshua. (They are so sweet!) It's so nice to have family close by!

Well I'd better skat... baby Josh is crying.